If You Want to Make (that kind of mistake)

by Whiting Tennis



demo from upcoming something or other


I saw you last night with Charlie
I saw you hand in hand
well I thought I told you about Charlie
I told you what kind of man
well he's a loner and a stoner and a pauper and a thief
and if you want to make that kind of mistake why don't you make it
make it with me

16 pieces of silver on a 200 dollar pawn
you're going with guys that have half what I have
that I always thought I had one on
now Johnny's band doesn't stand a chance
and Joey's is just a dream
so if you want to break your mother's weary heart
break it with me

now I know you always wanted an outlaw
and I'm not talking about some cowboy boot fool
but you're going to end up with the short straw
and just to make things worse,
you're dragging my heart around, and it hurts

well you tell me that they're rebels and you tell me that they're deep
but wallet chains, tattoos and nose rings don't mean a thing to me
I know you want a man who's tragic and incomplete
and he's standing right here like a fucking square asking
what about me?

Now I know you always wanted an outlaw


released August 23, 2012
WT with:
Kevin Warner on drums
Johnny Sangster on electric guitar
Jim Sangster on bass

recorded at Egg by Conrad for Kevin and Amy's wedding present



all rights reserved


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